Simone Leigh, Figure with Skirt, 2018.


Figure with Skirt, Simone Leigh
Simone Leigh, (American, born 1967). Figure with Skirt, 2018. Terracotta, graphite, salt-fired porcelain, steel, raffia. Purchase: William Rockhill Nelson Trust through the George H. and Elizabeth O. Davis Fund. 2018.57.1,2.

Move around this sculpture. How many different kinds of materials can you see?
What different textures do you notice?

What parts would feel smooth? What parts would feel rough? Imagine how the materials felt in the artist’s hands and how it sounded as she put the sculpture together.

What materials would you use to make a sculpture? Compare this sculpture with other art objects you’ve seen today at the museum. Have you seen similar materials?

At home, try drawing a pair of your shoes and include all the textures you see.