You made it to the busy city!

Claude Monet, French (1840-1926). Boulevard des Capucines, 1873-1874. Oil on canvas. Purchase: the Kenneth A. and Helen F. Spencer Foundation Acquisition Fund, F72-35.

Take some time to observe this scene:

How many people do you see?

What time of year do you think it is?

Listen to what it might sound like:


Read the Reviews

When critics saw this painting, they were not fans! One said: “Only be so good as to tell me what those innumerable black tongue-lickings in the lower part of the picture represent?”

What do you think the black marks are?

Be a critic! What do you think of Monet’s painting? Ask someone else what they think of the painting. Do you agree or disagree with them?

What does it look like today?

Take a spin around to explore what this street looks like today!

KC Connection

Kansas City was called the “Paris of the Plains”. Take a look at this photo of the Boulevards and Parkways in Kansas City. Do they look like Monet’s painting of Paris?

Courtesy KC Parks & Rec

Notice all the greenspaces and waterways created to make Kansas City a nice place to live.

What looks similar?

What looks different?

Can you recognize any of the buildings?