We would like to introduce you to Jeremiah Meyer.

This painting is of Nathaniel Dance-Holland’s friend, Jeremiah, but he didn’t finish it!

What do you think he’s holding?

How would you finish the painting?

If you look closely, you can see some orange on Jeremiah’s shoulder. It’s a clue as to what the whole painting would look like! Imagine if he were wearing an orange coat.

Nathaniel Dance-Holland, English (1735-1811). Portrait of Jeremiah Meyer, R.A., late 1760s. Oil on canvas. Bequest of Mrs. Helen F. Spencer, 82-21/25.

Who was he?

Jeremiah Meyer was also an artist! He helped to create the Royal Academy in London, a school that still exists today.

Meyer painted portrait miniatures, small pictures of people that you could keep with you, kind of like a photo in a wallet or a locket. Meyer invented a new technique for painting miniatures. To learn more, tap the “miniatures” button.