Head to Gallery 231.

Can you find a small, round object that almost seems to glow?

Ritual Disc with Dragon Motifs (Bi), Chinese, Eastern Zhou Dynasty (771-256 B.C.E.). Jade (nephrite), 6 1/2 inches (16.51 cm). Purchase: William Rockhill Nelson Trust. 33-81.

This is called a bi disc and was probably used in religious rituals. The circular disk symbolizes the sky. 

Can you imagine riding through the sky on the back of a dragon? What would it feel like? 

This bi disc is made of jade. Jade is considered to be more precious than gold and is incredibly lucky! It’s also very hard to carve so whoever made this was very talented.

How many other dragons can you find in this gallery (there are a few!)

You’ve found so many dragons! As you explore the rest of the museum, be sure to keep an eye out!