Head to Gallery 228

Coffered Ceiling and Sculptured Frieze from the Porch of a Hindu Temple and Columns from a Temple Cart, Indian, Nayaka Period (1565-1739). Teak and Mahwa wood, carved. 25 ft. x 16 ft. Purchase: William Rockhill Nelson Trust. 33-297.1-4.

Take a moment to look all around and all the way up to the ceiling. This room is kind of like a stage set. All the pieces are from different places and were brought together to make it feel like a temple.

Listen to what it might sound like if you visited a temple.


Where is this from?
Everything in this room like the carved wood and sculptures probably came from Tamil Nadu in India.

Tamil nadu

But the room was actually designed and built in Paris, France!

The wooden ceiling and columns in this room were originally part of a room at a temple or a palace. But the sculptures and walls come from a temple cart.

These huge carts transport Hindu sculpture during festivals. Check out some temple carts below!

Temple Cart Side Detail

How’d they make it?

Everything in here is made of wood!

Take a look at the ceiling, can you guess how many panels are on the ceiling?

Ceiling Lotus Motif

There are 126 and they all have a lotus design.

If you take a look at two lotuses, do they look the same?

Share what is the same and what’s different.

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