Let’s find the Ambitious Dragon!

In Gallery 229 find the black and white dragon.

Flower Vase with Dragon Motif, Chinese, Northern Song Dynasty (960-1127). Stoneware decorated in sgraffito technique. 22 3/8 x 10 inches (56.82 x 25.4 cm). 35-116

According to ancient Chinese legends, dragons are made up of nine different animal parts.

Can you find the animal characteristics below wrapped around the flower vase? 

  • Horns of a deer
  • Head of a camel
  • Eyes of a rabbit
  • Ears of a cow
  • Neck of a snake
  • Belly of a frog
  • Claws of a hawk
  • Paw of a tiger
  • Scales of a fish

What are people born in the year of the Dragon like?

Dragons are passionate, strong , and ambitious. They are driven, not afraid of challenges and willing to take risks