Radcliffe Bailey, Mound Magician, 1997.

Mound Magician, Radcliffe Bailey
Radcliffe Bailey, (American, born 1968). Mound Magician, 1997. Paint, canvas, paper, wood, cardboard, cloth, Plexiglas, baseballs, feathers, and other media on plywood. Purchase: gift of the Unus Foundation and Marc and Elizabeth Wilson in honor of John J. “Buck” O’Neil. 2005.18.A-C.

This BIG work of art is made up of lots of different pieces and materials. Is it a painting? A sculpture? A collage?

First, step up close see how many different things you can see. Try to find the items below:

  • •  The number 20 on a ribbon
  • •  “Birmingham”
  • •  “Memphis”
  • •  Footprints
  • •  A picture of a baseball game
  • •  The number 25 on a star


Now, take a big step back and look at the whole thing.
What does the shape look like?

It’s a baseball diamond!

Field Comparrison