Can you find an ox/bull in Gallery 202?

Let’s find the Patient Pig!
Gallery 224 and Gallery 231

Did you Know? The Pig is honest, compassionate and generous. Pigs enjoy life and because they are entertaining and others enjoy their company. How can you tell this is a pig? What animal characteristics do you see? A snout, hooves, a short tail. How are these pigs the same? How are they different?

PIG (Gallery 224 – Hallway outside of Chinese Tomb Gallery). China, Han Dynasty (206 B.C.E.-220 C.E.), Greenish nephrite (jade) with brown veining. F88-40/20
Pig Pen and Latrine, China, Eastern Han Dynasty (25-220 C.E.). Earthenware with lead-fluxed glaze. 34-209